Course Program

Course Program

Whether you are more interested in hair or the full beauty course of cosmetology, you can pursue your passion with us. Our variety of subjects include basic and advanced haircutting for men and women, color formulation beyond the tube, versatile highlighting techniques, fast and furious balayage, fun fashion colors, make-up, facial esthetics, and nails.

1500 clock hours required Total cost $16,450.00 ( includes registration / withdrawal fees $200, books/kit/supplies $1300, and tuition $14,950.00)

Our campus schedule has been created to complete the required hands-on portion of the program Thursday and Friday 8:00 – 4:00. The theory portion of the program is taught through CIMA online educational platform with self-paced learning and live instruction”)

The cosmetology course consists of all aspects of Cosmetology. You will learn Haircutting, Styling, Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Make-up, Artificial Nails, Hair Removal, Chemical Services, and Disinfection, cleaning & safe work practices.

1. Reinforces what’s taught in the classroom – Digital learning brings concepts to life. For example, following a text-based tutorial on cutting techniques isn’t the same as watching someone demonstrate the technique on video that supports the live demonstration given in class.

2. Appeals to different learning styles – Digital content, like videos, can benefit visual students who absorb concepts better by watching demonstrations, with the ability to pause and rewatch as many times as they need.

3. Offers increased accessibility – Digital tools like read-aloud and font enlargement can help students with different learning needs.

4. Helps students monitor their progress – Thanks to practice quizzes and ongoing assessments, students can quickly gauge how well they understand concepts and if they should seek additional help from the instructor.

5. Fits more easily into busy schedules – Accessing digital resources from devices like their phones means our students can study and review materials on the go.

1200 clock hours required       Total cost $15,450.00 ( includes registration / withdrawal fees  $200, books/kit/supplies $1300, and tuition $13,950.00)

Tuesday – Friday 8:30-3:00

The hair styling course consists of all aspects of  Haircutting,  Coloring, Styling, Chemical services, and disinfection, cleaning & safe work practices. With a gradual progression from mannequins to clients, the program builds both confidence and
technical ability. The Hair Styling Course is designed to train the student by instilling professionalism and creating systems needed for behind the chair management. It will prepare them to enter the field of Hair Styling as an entry level designer and will include tools necessary to expand into the area of salon owner/manager. This program is measured in clock hours, where the student receives one clock hour for every hour in class.