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Why JC Styles?

Small Class Size with Personalized Attention !! JC Styles Salon Academy offers high level training in the field of Cosmetology and Hair Styling. Our modern boutique school offers the necessary training that propels our students to the next level. Our professional staff is compassionate, experienced instructors, whose main focus is the success of our future beauty professionals. Because of our small class sizes, we can maintain an all-inclusive, no one left behind environment.

We not only prepare our student to pass the state board exam, but also prepare them to have a strong career in the beauty industry.

Enrollment Requirements

Prior to classes starting, enrollees must meet the program requirements and provide the following: 

High School Diploma or  (GED), Official Transcript

Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, or Official State ID)

ITIN# or Proof of Citizenship Immigration Status (Social Security Card, I-94, Green Card, etc)

Registration Fee

Transcript Request: Students who were either terminated or withdrawn from our program and owe a debt for tuition, must demonstrate that the transcript is needed for a job, transferring to a postsecondary school, financial aid, National Guard, or postsecondary opportunities. The request must come directly from the institution with student signature form or request from institution with  additional email request from student. All requests can be submitted by email to